Accept Bitcoin

You can immediately allow your customers to pay in bitcoins with instant transactions and at no cost.

Link it to Wirex

Linking Block! to Wirex you can easily withdraw your funds in your native currency, thanks to your VISA card.

Organize your Business

Download a CSV file of your transaction history to keep all your finances in order.

Fast and safe

The security and speed of confirmation of Bitcoin blockchain transactions guarantee that every sale is safe and valid.

Everything you need to know about Block!

How it works?

Block! is designed to be simple, intuitive and safe.
After the request you’ll receive a message with the confirmation of the transaction.

When Bitcoin network process the payment, you’ll receive your funds to your private wallet, so your funds will be always safe.

Linking Block! to a Wirex card you can change Bitcoin in tour native currency and withdraw money from ATM

Bitcoin is the future

Take advantage of online and in store Bitcoin payments, continuously updated with the latest improvements.

keep up with the times

Upgrade your business and keep it up to date with the latest technology in payment processing.

Tailor made

Whether you need to accept payments online or in-store, we've built tailored solutions for all your business needs.

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Block! is completely free
no hidden fee or credit card required.
We want Bitcoin to spread as much as possible
and Block! is our share.